Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.


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One day
A naught
Was talking
To another

The other

How come
It is
I know
What is
Even a
Praise is
To another

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Author: Adnan Kakazai

“Too weird to live, to rare to die” a quote which suits me as I am, absorbing life and events around me on a path leading to “becoming nothing” accompanying with a balance provided with human love or may be without it, preferably with it. A passionate person, love runs in my blood, flush my heart with each pump. I can speak with eyes and talk with mind and for me closed eyes give me more vivid vision then eyes wide open. I want to live in my own created reality, want to experience miracle happening to me, want my desires to shake me with fulfillment and want my wishes to be completed as that is destined for me rather to wait for my destiny. I did not read (only in abstracts or the crux of it), the writing or poetry which I do is normally from the inner core of my existence. I want to indulge myself in nature, music, travel, movies, poetry and writing for how much period of time, presently I don't have a clue, it may be for the whole of this life or may be one day it will end abruptly. For me, try not to die well before the time of death, we humans have the capability and the capacity to self-torture ourselves beyond limits and if that stage is in your life, just look at the person (and there is always) who is a source of your “oxygen” and by looking into the eyes, just say “I don’t want to die well before the time of death” and let yourself loose in it. Only by then you can live.

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