Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

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Reality vs. Reality

Real ownership is by stealing through the winds of time, through the complicated web of fate, through the distorted lines of destiny, making the wind flow in your direction, making the intricate web of life to unwind, making the distorted lines of destiny more vivid, straight and towards a direction, to be destined rather than wait for the destiny and then feel elevated by the ownership which you might have thought to be impossible.

Everybody lives for a miracle and may be that miracle is just around the corner and we are not just realizing, grasping it. There are then circumstances which push us in gravity hole, a black hole of reality, which suck us deep inside, and suddenly the miracle which we started to conceive is not any more, not there. We see things in a different way, suddenly the optimism and the energy just went off the window and we again put ourselves in that shell in which we reside as per our own choice or may be for the choice of others. The destiny lines become distorted again, the web of life become more complex, tangled and complicated, wind blow like a hurricane in totally opposite direction and then we are back in reality, the reality which is around us from the start, we are back in the shell.

In all this we ignore most or may be taking for granted that the two scenarios of a miracle to happen and a miracle not to happen are both realities in their own perspective and in their own circumstances, a hard core reality also, but we accepting the one reality and ignoring the other.

In the end, it is only you, yourself, that what you want to do, which reality you want to take, and in taking the reality what are the circumstances which you are considering, what cost you paying and whether it is worth it or not, whether you in your own existence want that or not, is it for you only or there is a complex situational dogma in which you don’t want to single out yourself may be for the happiness of the other. Though it is said often, you can only make others happy only and only when you are happy by your own self.

So, which happiness is important, our own or not, which reality we want to jump in, in which we want to swim, take all things head on, or standing on the shores and see the vast canvas in front of us not having the courage to brush it with thick solid and at the same time soft touches of color. We indeed always want our own kind of reality, from deep inside, for which may be we are fighting for ages, which our heart, mind and soul tells us, or we are so deep down in the habit of giving false signals to ourselves always, may be. But normally we accept which we in actual do not want, exactly and precisely not as per our own choice, because that feature of personality we have reserved for others, as in past, in present and for the future, may be.

Sacrificing own happiness and ignoring our own miracle to happen for others may look temporarily good, comforting, because we not judging the self-annihilation in that, in the end we will be the one who will be lonely, while those people for whom we sacrifice everything will be happy, living their own lives in their own frame of reference, but alas, they can’t make you happy, and then everything does matter.

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Un-chained Love

Love is inside us
In our souls
Even well before I say
I love you
And well after
When we both said
I love you

After that we have
Un-chain our love
To fate, destiny and time
It is then the power of
Un-chained love
Who carry us through
Beyond the winds of time
Into mildest cruelty of life
Fate flow us up and down
In the deep unpredictable valley of destiny

And this un-chained power of love
Knows only one direction
To multiply with each sun rise
No desire holds the power to reach there
The day of our reunion

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Indulging in Nature

Indulging in Nature

Indulging in Nature

Come love
Let’s take a walk

Among the blossoms and flowers of the spring
In the scorching heat of summers
In the aggressive rain of the monsoon
On the crunching leaves of autumn
On white silky blanket of snow

Along the fresh water streams of icy water
Along the tranquility of the lakes
Along the delta of the rivers
On the noisy shores of the oceans
On the spotless white sandy beeches

At the time of sunrise and sunset
At the time of full moon
Among the stars in pitch black night

On mountains among the pine and maple trees
In fog and mist on the mountain hills
In the wilderness of the desert
In the remote table top mountain valleys
Behind the umbrella of the waterfalls

Let us indulge ourselves in nature
Let nature indulge in ourselves

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Full Moon

Pic taken from: Internet

Pic taken from: Internet

It is again full moon
It is again sneaking through the window
Again talking with me
As last month

Oh dear, you are still alone
Still not with your beloved
Before I was going away from full bloom
Last month
I said to myself
May be next month
He will be with his beloved
When I will be again at full bloom

But this time again
On my short life as full moon
You are still alone
Watching me like you were watching
From ages
Not from your eyes
But from your soul

But don’t you worry
She is far away from you
She actually resides in you

I have marked some homes
One is of yours
When I will come back as full moon
Next month
I want to see you
In the arms of your beloved

Then I will compare
My full glow
To the glow which you both emit
Which I am sure
Will be more than a super moon
And that of sun

I know that will be the time
When everyone in this world
Will know
That the two souls
Have finally found
In each other
I will wait for that time
Every month

(On the night of full moon)
14th Rabi ul Awal
26th Jan 2013


Conversation with Allah

I said to Allah: I am in pain
Allah replied: I give pain to loved ones only

I said: Am I your loved one?
Allah replied: See in your heart, seek in yourself, and ask yourself

I said: I have no power to see, seek and ask
Allah replied: It is not the power; it is the time

I said: When that time will come
Allah replied: Only I know

I said: But I think, I have passed the time and it is too late
Allah replied: My powers and my light is never late for anybody

I said: Then why it is not shining on me
Allah replied: Because you are not losing yourself, you are in world, not in me

I said: How I loose myself in you
Allah replied: Trust on me only and let the time come to you

I said: Why not you finish my time on this world
Allah Said: May be I don’t want to kill the purpose for which I sent you

I said: Am I a blessed one to be sent with a purpose
Allah replied: I sent everybody in this world with a purpose

I said: Then why it is not revealed to me yet
Allah replied: I revealed my most beloved Prophet in later ages, who you are in front of Him

I said: Then is there more pain in revelation of my purpose?
Allah replied: Why you are afraid of this worldly pain

I said: Because I am tired
Allah replied: Only the persons far away from me feel tired

I said: May be I am far away from you
Allah replied: I love you 70 times more than your mother, you are not far away

I said: But now I want to come to you
Allah replied: May be you are already; you are too foolish to know

I said: My only prayer is that I come to you with my love – myself
Allah replied: Patience and time will reveal you all

I said: I am not Yousaf, can’t have patience
Allah replied: I only put that burden on you which you can bear

I said: Ya Allah, please enough
Allah replied: There is a time of everything, and I have written it for you also