Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

Full Moon

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Pic taken from: Internet

Pic taken from: Internet

It is again full moon
It is again sneaking through the window
Again talking with me
As last month

Oh dear, you are still alone
Still not with your beloved
Before I was going away from full bloom
Last month
I said to myself
May be next month
He will be with his beloved
When I will be again at full bloom

But this time again
On my short life as full moon
You are still alone
Watching me like you were watching
From ages
Not from your eyes
But from your soul

But don’t you worry
She is far away from you
She actually resides in you

I have marked some homes
One is of yours
When I will come back as full moon
Next month
I want to see you
In the arms of your beloved

Then I will compare
My full glow
To the glow which you both emit
Which I am sure
Will be more than a super moon
And that of sun

I know that will be the time
When everyone in this world
Will know
That the two souls
Have finally found
In each other
I will wait for that time
Every month

(On the night of full moon)
14th Rabi ul Awal
26th Jan 2013


Author: Adnan Kakazai

A hobbyist photographer who likes to travel...

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