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Children of a lessor God?

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Childhood is a period of life in which everybody either wants to remember all the things or want to forget all the things. But whatever it is, this time period is free of all the miseries and hardships of the life in most of the cases. Enjoyment for the very small things without knowing what is going around in the world is the best part and interestingly very few things are remembered as we grow, unless or until somebody told us or remind us.

Children of a lessor God?Pic taken by: Adnan Kakazai

Children of a lessor God?
Pic taken by: Adnan Kakazai

The children in the pictures are enjoying the present moment and they don’t have a clue what is going on in this world, war, famine, drought, inflation, terrorism, people without jobs and above all the busiest of life around us, either in actual or forced on us or self-imposed, at least these children have no idea. The smile on the face in this very old torn-up rickshaw, with hardly a proper seat to sit, and with hot temperature they only know is to enjoy this particular time in their own company. For them this is the best time of the day or a month in which they all are out of their homes. They even don’t know that in this drive they may be able to get something to eat or not but no matter what, the adaptability to the situation/environment cannot be compared with any other in this world even if they are the children of a lesser God.

How many of us want this satisfaction, happiness and relaxation, but as we cross the time of our lives these things start becoming a rarity and then a time comes when even if we want to relax, we can’t let ourselves do that. I just wonder that whenever such a time comes if it comes, maybe we then have something in us to enjoy the moment as seen in the picture above.


Author: Adnan Kakazai

A hobbyist photographer who likes to travel...

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