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LED (Light Emitting Diode)

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Pic taken from Internet

Pic taken from Internet

Sometimes, I think that how technology plays with our emotions, with no connection what so ever, a simple technological invention can make our mood happy or sad. This is indeed very important if in this whole scenario a person is involved whom you love, adore as your companion, or who is an integral part of your life. I know I am not the first person to know this, many others have also have encountered this feeling but whatever it is, somehow and sometimes your all day mood depends on a single technological innovation apart from knowing the importance of technology.

I am observing this communication link between myself and technology for quite some time, but did not feel that I should write about it. May be I thought why should I write on this, it is a simple thing may be not that important but then in love everything is important and you feel like doing all the things together, sharing it together, from joys and sorrows, from happiness to helplessness. Or maybe as a quote says I am “too weird to live, too rare to die” resulting in absorbing love to that extent when absorption and adsorption become same. I do think there are lots of people like us in this world, but hidden, may be because of themselves, and most of the times for others.

As smart phones have one way or the other some kind of facility for the users. All BlackBerry (BB) users know that there is a light emitting diode (LED) on each set, to give you indication of your calls, messages or any alert if you have customized it.

A simple blink of LED can take you to heaven and at the same time throw you to the inner deep core of hell. Is it not strange, just a simple blink of LED can take you this far, can make you so special, can make you so happy, can make you so proud and at the same time can make you so sad that you think that you have lost the entire world?

There are days which are different from normal days and on those days if there is no contact with the beloved due to any reason than with every passing minute you keep watching the red LED and with whatever you doing your lifeline is that LED, which can give you a success out from nowhere and which can give you a failure out of everything.

On such days when the LED forgot to blink, one immediately thinks that the other will be busy or anything, so with a little cautious approach, give some time, ok, the other will be ok but must be busy. After some time this cautious approach changed to a worrying feeling, as the LED forgot to blink at all. Thus playing with emotions as such a small innovative invention is right in middle of the two and that taunting LED saying, “I will not blink and look at you what is happening to you.” You try your level best to make deal with LED, but that light just not in a position to accept feeling, worry, frustration and above all helplessness.

Time passed on and on, and still no blink. In this all usual routine of a day is also going through but with a sad, dim, depressed and a helpless approach. With each passing minute your morale also going down as LED somehow stopped to blink.

With time passing and when suddenly you see the blink it seems that your heart start beating again, just like you are on a life support with all machinery attached and suddenly there is a beep, a minute one. With anxiousness, fear, in a split second hands move towards BB as the LED light is inviting you to know what has happened in our own created world. Oh my GOD, that LED which was angry with me suddenly is my best friend, with every blink that LED is so happy like that blink is giving a life source, a lifeline, an opportunity, a confidence, a meaning to life.

Now that LED has a very strange connection, it is a source of happiness, encouragement, life, and at the same time, sadness, helplessness and sorrow. Only time can tell to what extent this emotional connection will remain and what it leads to. For rest of my life no matter what, some people are dependent on this blink of LED.


Author: Adnan Kakazai

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