Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

Mountain I am


To Jungfraujoch, top of Europe

Top of Europe
Jungfraujoch, Switzerland
Photo by: Adnan Kakazai

I have echoes inside me
Of time, people and events
Constituting my existence
Sun shines on me
Moon makes me beautiful
I have weathered
Cruelties of nature
But still holding
The earth
Making it stable
For humans to walk
I am silent
Yet strong
If I will let myself-loose
This earth will never be
The Same


Author: Adnan Kakazai

A hobbyist photographer who likes to travel...

4 thoughts on “Mountain I am

  1. beautiful. thank you for allowing me to read this wonderful poem.

  2. Beautiful promise and it is true that in some unfathomable way, each of us holds the world together for each other. Wonderful poem Adnan leaving one with much to think about. Great photo. I was in the Alps many years ago and they are the home of gods for sure. hugs, pat

  3. Thanks Pat…
    I will upload sometime or blog the mountains of Pakistan from the very few picture which I have, and I must tell you nothing less then the Alps…..

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