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Sunrise over Karakoram Range, Pakistan.


Throughout my travel, one thing I like the most is to take photographs from the window seat of an airplane. The time which I like the most to take the photographs is the sunset or the sunrise. Those moments of the day are one of the most beautiful when seen from up in the sky. Though for such kind of moments one has to be awake in a time when most of the passengers on the airplane are usually sleeping.

The following photographs are from my flight EK322 from Dubai International Airport(DXB) to Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN). I was flying Emirates Airline onboard Boeing 777-300ER. It was an early morning departure from DXB and the sunrise was over the Karakoram Range, place of one of the most exotic mountain ranges. Being seen the Karakorum Range on road, it was a wonderful feeling and experience to see the same from up in the sky.

As flight departed I went to sleep, crossing Pakistan and knowing that I have to take photographs, I suddenly wake up and saw the first picture from the window. It was breathtaking, a cold december morning over the Karakorum Range. I took the photograph and the subsequent ones as we fly over China towards our destination. It was a long flight but the experience of those moments was indeed wonderful.

Sunrise over Karakoram Range, Pakistan.EK-322, DXB - ICN

Sunrise over Karakoram Range, Pakistan.
EK-322, DXB – ICN


Author: Adnan Kakazai

A hobbyist photographer who likes to travel...

2 thoughts on “Sunrise over Karakoram Range, Pakistan.

  1. Incredible mountains, indeed, so majestic draped in mantles of snow, swirls of clouds, and secret places no man has ever trod, I expect. Thanks for sharing them. I grew up in Florida, USA which is flat and mostly sandy soil. I never saw a rock until I was 19, much less a mountain or snow. When I did finally see the green, rolling hills that were my first view of different terrain, I was incredulous. Imagine if I had seen these wonders?!! hugs, pat

    • Indeed majestic;
      Wilderness, unexplored beauty and tranquility surrounds these mountains, I have seen the area on road, when you travel on a snail pace than you know in real what this area presents you with….

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