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Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

Content is what it is…


What you need to pass the life comfortably? Or there is any criterion of our comfortableness so that as time pass, that also keeps on changing and in the end may be we are never satisfied by what we got and will always be urging to get more and more. There are lots of successful and rich people in this world for whom life is a keep on going type of thing as far as comfortableness is concerned. They keep on striving for more and more and in the end will still want more. This more will never stop till their grave, may be to show how powerful they are to the people around them.

In practical life, striving or achieving a stage of content is what it is for some selected breed of people around us. This content is independent of how much wealth you have, how much real estate you own and how much luxury is around you. This strange feeling of content can infiltrate through a heart living in a small one room apartment and at the same time cannot take control of heart living in a luxury villa on a private owned island with travel on private jets.


Everybody wants to be content but how to be in the state of content? Is it in one’s own power or circumstances, people around you either push you to this state or pull away. Nothing is or can never be an ideal stage for anybody, but then there are people in this world, living examples are there, through which we know, that people with content do live in this world, though in a world of their own, but that breed is known, alive and challenging all those who have all the things but in end have nothing.

Is content is defined by a loving family, a decent job or business through which at least one can fulfill the needs of the family as well as can somehow is in position to do justice with interest’s or any hobbies which surrounds us or for which one start thinking from an early childhood? Considering the most practical scale, though it is very hard to define a scale here, and in addition to health, is the above explanation justifies a state of content of a human being? Can our mind and heart signal us back indicating, this is what you have which is enough for you to make you content? Can this stage be achieved or we always after achieving this stage do injustice to ourselves and to our families and start looking for more and more? Is this human nature?


Apart from above content is such a unique behavioral trait that if achieved, will lead to what you can get with joy and comfortableness and automatically it will take you away from what is not in your grasp and may be at that particular time you are not in a position to get that. This will in turn make you much happier and enjoying more with what you have and injects a feeling that you in your own self are too powerful, not intimated with what you can’t get. Those things then take a stance of very temporary and worldly, content doing the magic here.

One should keep searching for that purple patch of life which can be on the permanent basis in which with minimum possible amenities of life, one should feel content. The less you have, the less you have to answer for in the end also. Brakes should be applied once in a lifetime you know, and this stage will always knock, that this is quite enough for me to spend this life in this-worldly world. I don’t need anything more, it is just to maintain the status quo and that is it.

We can get all with content if we stop running after all the things. One should understand that over and above the state of content is basically not ours at all. Let life, as usual teach us this thing also, or be so strong that once you hit the target, you know there are no more targets to get.


Author: Adnan Kakazai

A hobbyist photographer who likes to travel...

4 thoughts on “Content is what it is…

  1. Ironically, contentment has nothing to do with material possessions or even other people. Until we are content within, serenity will continue to elude us. Good topic; lots to think about in what you wrote. Thanks, hugs, pat

  2. I hope you can correlate the post with some of your photgraphs, may be a face expression or otherwise…

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