Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

I search…


I search
For the
Lowest ebb
Of life
Of Existence

A walk
Towards that
To know
What is there?

Is there any
Pleasure there
Relaxing Me?

Is there any
Contentment there
Completing me?

Is there
Nothing for me
For which
I searched
For long

May be
Surprise waiting?


Author: Adnan Kakazai

A hobbyist photographer who likes to travel...

2 thoughts on “I search…

  1. There is a story of a man who stops for gas on the outskirts of town where he plans to move. When he was asked why he was moving to this town, the man replied that where he was moving from the people were unfriendly and downright mean. The pump attendant said, “too bad as this town is the same.”

    Later a second car pulled and the driver asked the question. The attendant again asked how the man liked the town where he currently lived. He replied, “Oh, I will miss that town because the people are so friendly, so loving.” The pump said, “Well, you will love it here, too. The people here are just as nice as the town where you live now.”

    More and more I am understanding how we create our own realities. Good poem, thought provoking. hugs pat

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