Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

A conversation between Desire and Fear (Both inside me)


Desire said; I am inside for ages
Fear replied; you must also know that I am also inside for ages

Desire said; I was dead and gone
Fear replied; because I ruled you, your life is not your life, it is always mine

Desire said; but now I have started to wake from inside
Fear replied; this waking up of yours is not a threat to me as I am very deep rooted

Desire said; if I have to beat you then I must need strength and courage
Fear replied; this can be nullified in no time, I just need to see you in your eyes

Desire said; enough is enough, I know I am now unstoppable; no-body can dim me
Fear replied; are you threatening me?

Desire said; now is the time to crush you forever
Fear replied; showing aggressiveness?

Desire said; also, may be now is the time He listens to me
Fear replied; He can’t, do you remember anything yet favorable from Him

Desire said; well He knows when, what and where to give, and now may be is the time
Fear replied; test Him one more time, you will not succeed, let me advice you

And then fear said:
I have never said you before this thing, because you never looked like beating me
Your dependency on Him is what you always needed; you never tried that, never asked
Your faith on Him, is one which make me weak, make me surrender
Your togetherness is the force which can pierce through me in no time
Well before I will knew it
This is my advice to you for the first time and will never give you again
Remember that a slightest of shift or slip of faith from Him and from your own self
Is what I needed from you, is what I am hoping and have started planning for it
And if that happened
Then I will be back with a vengeance
And then I will reside inside you till the time when tons of earth will be put on you
And even at that time I will not leave you, when you will be in dark surrounded by no one
Never leave Him and your own self
It is where your salvation is, it is where you will belong to Him and your own self
Take my words – choice is yours


Author: Adnan Kakazai

A hobbyist photographer who likes to travel...

2 thoughts on “A conversation between Desire and Fear (Both inside me)

  1. Raw feeling, powerful, interesting. thanks, hugs, pat

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