Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

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On bare foot…

On bare foot
Embarked on a
With life accompanying
With love breathing

Exposed to harsh

Withstanding the

Has a

I will know
When that
Will arrive

Is at that
I will be
As I was
 At start
With life
With love


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Emotional intensity is never born in lavish drawing rooms and expensive surroundings, it is always born in dust, heat, cold, poorness where people even don’t have the meal to eat for three times but those people are the most rich people of this world, the most sober and the most educated who knows that when dust, heat and smell amalgamate with the human emotional intensity what comes out of it, a pinnacle of one’s self, a crux of one’s life, a jewel never to be cut and a soul polished by such surroundings.

In such an atmosphere a lady awaits for the union with her beloved with same emotional intensity which she inherited from dust, heat, smell, the grazing cattle and the lush green felids. Preparing herself, she wants to be perfectly seen that when his eyes fall on her, both will break, with saying all things silently in eyes in front of all.

While on his way to her, he looks at her photo and a smile comes on his face, then saying to himself, how much I waited for this time. A special moment awaits for both of them which will then be converted into a constant and smooth life.

Entering home, as the door opens, greetings from all the family members but eyes searching and looking for her which he wants to see, for which he is living in this world, for which he waited for such a long time.

Sun is down, the night started but wait is still there, festivity all around, but wait, helplessness, eagerness, uneven breathing all can be felt inside him, not bothered about what is going on in the surrounding, keeping a smile on the face but reserving all for her, eyes acknowledging all but then she is still nowhere.

Suddenly there is life, there is breathing, there is calmness as she shows herself, giving signal why you are searching for me, I am always with you, you just have to feel me, his eyes like glued to see what he wants to see from the time which he even don’t know, the heart stop beating but then start beating in a shortest possible period of time which nobody in this world can ever know except both of them as one heart one mind and one soul are on display. Calmness, relaxation can be seen but then his eyes want her, the emotions can’t hold. In response, her eyes saying why you are so eager, I have already given myself to you, I am all yours, come and get me, the culmination of one want for other, the eagerness to be loved, touched, breath to breath, hand to hand, and soul to soul. After this only one voice comes out of her which only he can understand, yes, nothing can happen to him and nobody can take him from me, it is my ownership and my possessiveness on which our love is love.


Inspired by Baba Bulleh Shah Kalam, “Mera Piya Ghar Aya” ecstatically performed by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (