Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

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My denial…

My denial
To Life
Is the only
Of my Love
Towards you


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My heart
Only alive when
Resonates with your heart

My breath
Only synchronize when
Taken with you

My eyes
Only see when
As you see

My pain
Only when all
Your is mine

My sleep
Only when
Head in your lap

My happiness
Only when you
Laugh with eyes

My desire
Only when you
Burn for me

My dreams
Only when you
See the same

My present
Only when you
Are with me

My future
Only when you
Guide it

My destiny
Only when you
Paint it

My life
Only when you
Take its ownership

And union
Only as what
Reality is

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When I am with you…

When I am with you
I may not be with you
When I am not with you
I may be with you
But then
I am always reminded
By myself
I am only with you
When you are with me
I and Myself
Are lost

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A chocolate…


A chocolate

In my hand

Feeling the desire

To be unwrapped

Feeling the hunger

To melt in mouth

Like the desire

We have

And as we melt

For each other