Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

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Amazed I am…by Mansur Hallaj.

Amazed I am on myself and you
The zenith of my desire

You blessed me proximity
Till I thought that “you” are “me”

I lost myself in getting you
Till you made me destroyed in myself

Oh my blessing in my life
And after burrial my relaxation

Without you I have no present
You are the only one in my fear and in my peace

Mansur Hallaj (858 – 922).

(Translation: Adnan Kakazai – errors/ommissions regretted please)


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Meeting of souls…


I found myself

On a new road

A direction

More vivid and strong

A sun brightening the path

And trees comforting with cool shades

All the way

A clear sky

Glancing through the clouds

A feeling of spring

Colorful, inducing change

A breeze offering fresh fragrance

With each step

Greenery soothing eyes

And then

Mind flashed with a thought

Leaving me wonder

May be meeting of the souls

Is on the same


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O My Heart…


O my heart
Look how we
Travelled this path
How we managed
The ups and downs
How we loved
And how we fought
How we enjoyed
And how depress we were
How we felt helplessness
And how we felt elevated

How that with you
Time become still
And life has a meaning
How with this longing
And craving for each other
We managed to create
A balance of souls
That no matter how far we are
We can still feel each other
Wondering how it is possible
That almost all times
We share the things
Which even people don’t share
Living together

O my heart
You beat inside a body
In which love makes
This all possible
Makes us strong
Makes us believe
The unknown
The impossible

O my heart
With only this
We always know
That miracles are possible
And one has just happened
To us
As we are together
There is no more wait
No more searching

O my heart
Always beat
In each other
For this beating is not
Of our own
It is for the
Other to Live

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An atom I am


An atom I am
Such nothingness
In the nucleus
You resides
No separation
No chance even
You enjoy
My existence
Focal point
I enjoy
To house
In that nucleus
In that nothingness
Of the smallest
Entity – Atom
I remain with
Breath to Breath

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I want to feel you…

I said
I want to feel you
Every second passing
Saying, Inviting, Pleading
Be with your own self – Myself
This time deserves you
To be like this

Don’t talk
Of dimensions – distance, longing, helplessness
Feeling is dimension-less
Like desire, union
But then even
I want that feeling
To be with you
In all the dimensions
In all the axis
In all the frame of references
In all the seen and not seen
In all the physical and non-existent worlds
In all the galaxies
In all the universe
As you have made
The stars to change
The orbital movement
To reveal
Of what we
What we

I want to feel you
In that
In that
Dimension-less dimension

I want
To live with you

In that

I want

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When it crunches…

As I walk on the
Autumn leaves
A crunching voice
Gives me the only
That it is same
As the voice of
Our hearts
When it crunches
For the