Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

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O My Heart…


O my heart
Look how we
Travelled this path
How we managed
The ups and downs
How we loved
And how we fought
How we enjoyed
And how depress we were
How we felt helplessness
And how we felt elevated

How that with you
Time become still
And life has a meaning
How with this longing
And craving for each other
We managed to create
A balance of souls
That no matter how far we are
We can still feel each other
Wondering how it is possible
That almost all times
We share the things
Which even people don’t share
Living together

O my heart
You beat inside a body
In which love makes
This all possible
Makes us strong
Makes us believe
The unknown
The impossible

O my heart
With only this
We always know
That miracles are possible
And one has just happened
To us
As we are together
There is no more wait
No more searching

O my heart
Always beat
In each other
For this beating is not
Of our own
It is for the
Other to Live


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Soulful Love…

Soulful Love has only the courage, the power and the fire to ask Destiny for a date…

Adnan Kakazai



Correlating life…

On asking what are you doing now-a-days, I with a pause, talked with myself for a while and answered. Nothing as special which might get the attention of people around me, life going as on a normal pace with all concentration on the present, saying to past, get lost and to future, I don’t trust you at all, so when the time will come will see what lies there.

After sometime, again the same question I asked to myself by myself, what kind of time you are passing? I get this answer which I also conveyed to the first person who asked the question and that is:

We are always in a kind of race which is often with our own self, the people around us; the society in which we live, family and this goes on. Nothing new in this as this is happening for as long as this world came into existence and will go on like this in future also.

Life around me is like as I have three horses which are like three conditions, scenarios, and a thinking which can be in every person’s mind in some nook and corner. Nobody wants to address it and if in any case addressed then just for the sake of it. So I correlate life with three racing horses.

The first horse is now quite old, all day sitting and eating. Consider it as bad luck; this horse never became a prodigy in racing. He does not have any accolades to his name. It is like he is narcotize and now just waiting for his time to over and then maybe some relief will be there for him.

The second horse, gets up runs for quite some time and then suddenly gets tired, sits and often sleeps. I always give quite an attention to this attitude of his and closely monitor it also. I wish that when he starts running then there will never be a stage that he has to just shut down his energy deliberately or otherwise as I want him to excel. He has eagerness, want and desire in his eyes but I could not understand why he is like this, may be, as per life going around him he always takes a dip into a stage of helplessness and unhappiness.

Now the third one, my hope, my possible source of pride for the future and my eyes are like fixed on this horse. He is taking shape, growing, with eagerness, desire, want and an energy which can outflow any other whoever dare to race with him. All day I watch this horse, he wants to get out and run as all the races are there for him to win. I know he needs a little bit more attention as I feel if he is discouraged or not favored at this stage maybe he can be like the other two-horse which I don’t want at all. I am meticulous not to repeat those mistakes which I did for the others two. But then I may be doing all the things right, only coming time will tell if he will be able to achieve what he in himself thinking and what I think for him.

My all day pass in the company of these three horses and I keep a very regular schedule of feeding them all, whether, the first, the second or the third. I can’t only love the third one as the other two feel in no moment. I try to keep saying all the three, don’t you worry I am not leaving any three of you which than only leave my heart happy and sad at the same time.

In all the circumstances, you by no means can leave all three scenarios like the three horses, the past, present and the future, but for the sake of life spending in a proper and dignified way, the only hope you can get for your own self is best in the present, and to some extent the future if you by any chance can perceive it correctly. This leave us with past, which will be there with you throughout your life for the lessons which you learnt or try to learn or knew all the time but even then can’t simply learn.

Treat your past as that is a tool which you try to learn to have a good present nothing more than and this in return you can only convey back to your past. Present is there in your hand, nourish it with desire, hope, happiness and an eagerness to excel though not in ones control to do all together but then life is a fight and a good fighter never leave the battleground. Embrace the future for the possible union of your desire, happiness, success and love. Amalgamate all this and feel an energy feeling inside you that can lite your eyes and make your heart to beat as you like it to beat with life, which in the end can possibly be “Life with Myself”. You never know it might end with a fourth one, the space is empty may be anxiously and eager waiting to be filled or may be not.

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An atom I am


An atom I am
Such nothingness
In the nucleus
You resides
No separation
No chance even
You enjoy
My existence
Focal point
I enjoy
To house
In that nucleus
In that nothingness
Of the smallest
Entity – Atom
I remain with
Breath to Breath

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I want to feel you…

I said
I want to feel you
Every second passing
Saying, Inviting, Pleading
Be with your own self – Myself
This time deserves you
To be like this

Don’t talk
Of dimensions – distance, longing, helplessness
Feeling is dimension-less
Like desire, union
But then even
I want that feeling
To be with you
In all the dimensions
In all the axis
In all the frame of references
In all the seen and not seen
In all the physical and non-existent worlds
In all the galaxies
In all the universe
As you have made
The stars to change
The orbital movement
To reveal
Of what we
What we

I want to feel you
In that
In that
Dimension-less dimension

I want
To live with you

In that

I want


God is in between…

Pic taken from Internet

I love my love
My love, love God
I started loving God
My love said
Only love me
God is in between
Our Love

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When it crunches…

As I walk on the
Autumn leaves
A crunching voice
Gives me the only
That it is same
As the voice of
Our hearts
When it crunches
For the