Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

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Visit to a Pure Place

As I entered, a gush of fragrance
Accompanied me for some seconds
Of my life at that time

Eyes opening with burst of energy
Blood flowing vigorously, veins dilating
Body becoming warm and
Breathing become meaningless

Feeling the losing of senses
Curiosity occupying the eagerness of the soul
And fear vanishing from my inner core

Moments of silence as just standing
And seeing the visible
Knowing that the visible is not
Compatible with the invisible

Felt like a smallest ever entity
In a multifaceted universe of wisdom
Then sitting beside a pillar and
Tried to loose myself completely
But losing don’t come that easy
Knew in a moment

Tears flushing
The pollution of the eyes
Mind, heart and soul
Weeping, Weeping and Weeping

Trying to accept
The wisdom and love in the air
But who am I to accept such privilege
I don’t deserve that
Then reading
“You will know how help is given
Just ask with a palpitation, pulsation – O Lord”

Left by saying to myself
This is not the only visit we have embarked
We must have to come here
Again and again