Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

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Time to meet…

Oh my beloved purify me
Scorch me, boil me
Jolt me, shake me
Open my bleak corners
Close my false openings
Spoil me in peacefulness 
Eradicate darkness and then
Throw me in further darkness
To the abyss of the anonymous
Till I stretch to a point 
When faith befriends me
To cross the razor-sharp thin line
From the unknown to the known
Then make me hear from you
That the desire for union is over
Death is now a celebration
Time to meet the beloved has arrived
Take it, it is yours
Beloved is all yours


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Sitting alone in a romantic place and a restaurant
Naturally absorbing the ambiance
Detaching myself from rest of the world
Feeling love inside

With chef choice just served on the table and a voice
Enjoy your meal, Sir

Looking at the meal, then seeing here and there
Asking myself, have you done this yet?
To enjoy the meal

Then asking what in real the enjoyment is
Is it to have a decent meal in a romantic place, restaurant?

Or to be in the company of love sitting in front
And may be nothing else
No restaurant, no meals, just nothing

I took the meal as usual hurriedly
And left


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Love is simple…

Image Copyright: Adnan Kakazai

Image Copyright: Adnan Kakazai

Love leads you to a path, which is different, with hurdles most of the time, self-annihilation, sacrificing all the happiness of life except the happiness which is with love. It is a submission, a total surrender to the one whom you love as you yourself don’t want to do a thing on your own. It is what other say or even think, just need to fulfill first the desire of the other, and that is what matters.

In modern days’ time, with the world around us offering a very supersonic way of how to spend life, as we all are just too much dependent on the clicks, swipes and status updates that we are going away from the very basics of life and in that one very basic is love. We and the generation to come is just void of love, they treat love as a wastage of time, they don’t like to be dependent on others in love, they don’t want somebody rule them as in love, and simply they don’t want to be possessed which is a basic ingredient of love.

Is there any Romeo Juliet present now-a-days who showed us from the very basic definition of love to the utmost extreme a person can go whoever jumps in the river of love. I see eyes, I see gestures, I see people but where are those eyes that can pierce into your soul, that can see through the inner most core of your existence and tell you what you are, how pure you are, what you want and what you want to be? What are you made of and what capabilities you have? Yes, such traits are always conveyed to you by your love if it is true, pure of the highest possible level. Is there a thing like this now-a-days?

At the same time we are not now used to pains and suffering and in love if you don’t have pain or suffering it is simply not love. Modern day humans simply don’t want any pain or sufferings, enabling me to suggest that they might even then don’t want to be in love. They want a partner who don’t interfere in their lives, gives them a lavish life style, money to spend and children will grow mostly on their own without knowing what their parents are doing. They before committing to spend life together want a life style much more lavish, ostentatious, and luxurious than their parents eliminating from very start all the basic ingredients of love from their lives.

Love also walks away from those people who have no space for love in their lives. But love hunts; it hunts souls with purity, desire, compatibility to absorb, capability to display and capacity to take the hardships. Love is not for ordinary people, it is for special people who are not judged by the false standards of living but for the character, the thinking, and they in a very broad sense always have an affinity towards the religion, they have a will, and a form of blood running in their veins which knows what a sacrifice is, how to get at that stage and how to make full use of it.


Image Copyright: Adnan Kakazai

People in love are out there, simply they are hidden, minority, too afraid to show as they know no one will understand. They simple don’t want anybody to take them lightly so it is better to be silent then make people understand because if there is a soul in search of love, love at the end will hunt and capture that soul. No one in modern time will understand that in love pain is together and it does not matter who first got it, the second person is bound to get it. No one will understand that a simple breath you take is so synchronized that sometime you will breathe with the others heart. No one will understand that happiness is not always alone, it is always together. No one will understand the level of relaxation, contentment and tranquility which you attain only by hearing one or two words of other and the rest is just meaningless. No one will understand that distance in love is always squeezed to just nothing and time is like a time dilation phenomenon. The time spent together is what time is and the rest is just a life-less life which you spend for the sake of spending and that is it. Are such people living who can understand all these facts? The answer is a yes.

Those who are swimming in deep waters of love need to encourage the pure souls standing along the water afraid to jump. Those people need support and a clear will that life sometime is not all about status, success or anything else, it is contentment and love is the only way to give contentment to a soul who will ultimately one day will leave your physical body and it will only carry love on a journey ahead and nothing else.

Lastly, and coming to an affinity towards relegion, we are getting away from God also. On a broad sense and making it all logical, loving a human is the very first stage to love God and submitting all to Him. The wise people before us had conveyed to us in their poetry, in their writings and through their way of life that how they made it all quite understandable by just moving away for what we are most attracted to. This they achieved through love which then at the end only lead to the love for Him which is what it is. The highest pinnacle of one’s life may be the purpose for which a soul is sent in this world. May be one in millions will or has attained this stage now-a-days but whoever the lucky one is, for that human world is just a blink of an eye, the real and the most wonderful is yet to come and is quite content to spend this temporary life which only need a micro second to pass.

Love is very simply to understand, don’t make it complicated like we are used to do with our lives and the life around us.

Image Copyright: Adnan Kakazai

Image Copyright: Adnan Kakazai

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Reality vs. Reality

Real ownership is by stealing through the winds of time, through the complicated web of fate, through the distorted lines of destiny, making the wind flow in your direction, making the intricate web of life to unwind, making the distorted lines of destiny more vivid, straight and towards a direction, to be destined rather than wait for the destiny and then feel elevated by the ownership which you might have thought to be impossible.

Everybody lives for a miracle and may be that miracle is just around the corner and we are not just realizing, grasping it. There are then circumstances which push us in gravity hole, a black hole of reality, which suck us deep inside, and suddenly the miracle which we started to conceive is not any more, not there. We see things in a different way, suddenly the optimism and the energy just went off the window and we again put ourselves in that shell in which we reside as per our own choice or may be for the choice of others. The destiny lines become distorted again, the web of life become more complex, tangled and complicated, wind blow like a hurricane in totally opposite direction and then we are back in reality, the reality which is around us from the start, we are back in the shell.

In all this we ignore most or may be taking for granted that the two scenarios of a miracle to happen and a miracle not to happen are both realities in their own perspective and in their own circumstances, a hard core reality also, but we accepting the one reality and ignoring the other.

In the end, it is only you, yourself, that what you want to do, which reality you want to take, and in taking the reality what are the circumstances which you are considering, what cost you paying and whether it is worth it or not, whether you in your own existence want that or not, is it for you only or there is a complex situational dogma in which you don’t want to single out yourself may be for the happiness of the other. Though it is said often, you can only make others happy only and only when you are happy by your own self.

So, which happiness is important, our own or not, which reality we want to jump in, in which we want to swim, take all things head on, or standing on the shores and see the vast canvas in front of us not having the courage to brush it with thick solid and at the same time soft touches of color. We indeed always want our own kind of reality, from deep inside, for which may be we are fighting for ages, which our heart, mind and soul tells us, or we are so deep down in the habit of giving false signals to ourselves always, may be. But normally we accept which we in actual do not want, exactly and precisely not as per our own choice, because that feature of personality we have reserved for others, as in past, in present and for the future, may be.

Sacrificing own happiness and ignoring our own miracle to happen for others may look temporarily good, comforting, because we not judging the self-annihilation in that, in the end we will be the one who will be lonely, while those people for whom we sacrifice everything will be happy, living their own lives in their own frame of reference, but alas, they can’t make you happy, and then everything does matter.