Talking to Myself

Closed eyes reveals myself more than eyes wide open. Adnan Kakazai.

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Time to meet…

Oh my beloved purify me
Scorch me, boil me
Jolt me, shake me
Open my bleak corners
Close my false openings
Spoil me in peacefulness 
Eradicate darkness and then
Throw me in further darkness
To the abyss of the anonymous
Till I stretch to a point 
When faith befriends me
To cross the razor-sharp thin line
From the unknown to the known
Then make me hear from you
That the desire for union is over
Death is now a celebration
Time to meet the beloved has arrived
Take it, it is yours
Beloved is all yours


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Sitting alone in a romantic place and a restaurant
Naturally absorbing the ambiance
Detaching myself from rest of the world
Feeling love inside

With chef choice just served on the table and a voice
Enjoy your meal, Sir

Looking at the meal, then seeing here and there
Asking myself, have you done this yet?
To enjoy the meal

Then asking what in real the enjoyment is
Is it to have a decent meal in a romantic place, restaurant?

Or to be in the company of love sitting in front
And may be nothing else
No restaurant, no meals, just nothing

I took the meal as usual hurriedly
And left


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Meeting of souls…


I found myself

On a new road

A direction

More vivid and strong

A sun brightening the path

And trees comforting with cool shades

All the way

A clear sky

Glancing through the clouds

A feeling of spring

Colorful, inducing change

A breeze offering fresh fragrance

With each step

Greenery soothing eyes

And then

Mind flashed with a thought

Leaving me wonder

May be meeting of the souls

Is on the same


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My heart
Only alive when
Resonates with your heart

My breath
Only synchronize when
Taken with you

My eyes
Only see when
As you see

My pain
Only when all
Your is mine

My sleep
Only when
Head in your lap

My happiness
Only when you
Laugh with eyes

My desire
Only when you
Burn for me

My dreams
Only when you
See the same

My present
Only when you
Are with me

My future
Only when you
Guide it

My destiny
Only when you
Paint it

My life
Only when you
Take its ownership

And union
Only as what
Reality is

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Un-chained Love

Love is inside us
In our souls
Even well before I say
I love you
And well after
When we both said
I love you

After that we have
Un-chain our love
To fate, destiny and time
It is then the power of
Un-chained love
Who carry us through
Beyond the winds of time
Into mildest cruelty of life
Fate flow us up and down
In the deep unpredictable valley of destiny

And this un-chained power of love
Knows only one direction
To multiply with each sun rise
No desire holds the power to reach there
The day of our reunion